Dear racing friends

The planning for the year 2021 is in full swing! We try to put together a great calendar of top events for you. All dates including the announcement will go online by mid-November. Until then we ask for your patience.

All drivers who have received a credit for canceled appointments in the current year can of course use this for the coming 2021 season. To do this, please contact us by email:

If appointments are canceled in the next 2021 season, which of course we all don’t hope, we promise you a money-back guarantee! Every participant who has already paid for an event and this does not take place will automatically receive their money back.

Team Eder Racing



Driving yourself on the best known Racing pieces of Europe

EDER Racing Sport Events

Racing School: The well-known mountain European champion and sympathetic Austrian Gangl Andi is chief instructor for Eder Racing for the racing season 2020.

Please register in advance by mail or directly at the racetrack.